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How to Prepare Your Home for
Professional Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning day has arrived!

And you want to get the most from your carpet cleaning appointment with Fiber Clean.

I look forward to making your carpets beautiful, healthy, odor-free, and delightfully clean.

There are just a few things that I ask of you to get ready for efficient service on cleaning day.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call.

Here we go.

1. Protect Valuable Items
and Furnishings

Please remove any vases, picture frames, lamps, and any other valuable, breakable items on your tabletops and furniture.

If you have any full-length curtains or drapes, we suggest that you pin them up so they are at least 6 inches off the floor to protect them from moisture. The same applies to skirts on upholstered furniture and bed coverings that are touching the floor.

Pro Tip: A Little Dusting Prevents Re-Soiling

I suggest that you dust your furniture and your baseboards in each room prior to your carpet cleaning appointment. This will help make sure that no dust will become airborne and settle back down on your freshly-cleaned carpeting.

2. Clear the Floors

Please remove small items like toys, books, magazine racks, small chairs, and small tables — anything on the floor that would be in the way of a thorough cleaning.

I'd be happy to help you move small furniture that is easy to move — such as chairs, coffee tables, and other small furnishings.

I will clean with care around the big furniture items like beds, dressers, entertainment centers, pianos, and bookshelves.

3. Please Vacuum the Rooms to be Cleaned

I ask that you vacuum the rooms to be cleaned prior to our appointment.

Removing as much dirt, dander, and dust from the carpets prior to a deep cleaning will help ensure I can focus on the deep-down dirt.

4. Secure Your Pets — Usually in the Backyard

Pets will need to be secured or gated away from the areas being cleaned. Most of my customers have their pets safely in the backyard. I also don’t want your pets sneaking out the door. I need an entry door to remain ajar to allow for hoses during your cleaning.

5. Please Leave Space for the Cleaning Van

I use powerful, truck-mounted equipment, so I'll need to park the vehicle as close as possible to an entry door in order to run hoses from the powerful equipment in the van. The closer the better. And I'll also need a little extra space for wide doors to work around the van.

If you may want to leave while I am working, I encourage you to park your vehicle on the road, out of the garage, so the van won't block you in.

6. Get Ready for The Pre-Inspection Walk-through

A full pre-inspection walk-through is part of my complete cleaning service. You know your home best!

Please point out your highest traffic paths, and bring any stains or spots to my attention. That way, I can be sure to give those area(s) some extra care — and apply special techniques if necessary.

I want to give you the most accurate expectations, depending on the nature of some stains and the overall condition of the carpets.

7. What to Expect After your Cleaning Appointment

... Beautiful, deeply-cleaned, odor-free carpets!

However, it's a good idea to plan ahead for the necessary drying time.

For best results, follow these tips after your cleaning:

• Please leave the tabs and blocks under your furniture for 48 hours. This protects furniture from moisture during the drying time.

• Refrain from excessive walking on the carpet (especially with shoes) for about 24 hours, until the carpet is completely dry. I will provide booties for you and your family to use in the meantime.

• Please be careful when walking from the damp carpet to any hard-surface area with socks or booties. It's a slipping hazard.

Thank you for your cooperation! It helps me do the best possible job for you.

See you soon!


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